Lanxi Curtilage, Chengdu




设计时间: 20086-20093

建造时间: 20104-201110

建筑师:袁烽 / 创盟国际



Location: International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park, Chengdu, China

Client: Chengdu Qingyang Suburb Construction & Development  Co., Ltd.

Area: Approx 4000

Design: June, 2008 - March, 2009

Construction: April, 2010 - October, 2011

Architect: Philip F. Yuan / Archi-Union Architects

Design Team: Lv Dongxu, Meng Yuan, Alex Han

Photography: Shen Zhonghai




The Lanxi Curtilage is located at the International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park in Chengdu, China. It is composed of three parts: restaurant, inner courtyard and private club. It is an interpretation of traditional Chinese architecture through the language of digital fabrication methods.

Spatial layout of this project represents a new interpretation on traditional South Chinagarden. Multiple layout of longitudinal residence and courtyard reflects hierarchical and multi-dimensional spatial pattern of traditional gardens. Ups and downs of building roof embody rolling mountains and rivers, and also function as metaphor of traditional Chinese sloping roof culture.